We have a wide range of experience in RF engineering, 4G/5G LTE, DAS, CBRS, fixed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, licensed and license-exempt wireless.  This experience in combination with network, systems, fiber, and business know-how, with a vision of the larger picture and the end users results in success.

Internet of Things

IoT utilizes several disciplines including cloud computing, embedded devices, wireless network connectivity, and data analysis to deliver value to companies and consumers.  Our technology creativity can make your vision a reality with full technology stack analysis, selection, design, testing, and implementation.


Project Management

Many organizations lack the resources to properly lead projects.  Day-to-day tactical issues often dominate employees' time, leaving little time and focus available for strategic initiatives.  When projects involve multiple departments, corporate politics can get in the way of progress. We can help.  Our no-nonsense project management services employ the right level of project leadership, administration, task and milestone tracking, documentation, KPI reporting, and project completion.

Process Improvement

Do you know how well all your critical business processes work, where the inefficiencies may lie, and where critical task information is stored or perhaps missing?  We perform process discovery, fully document your processes using the BPMN 2.0 standard, analyze and recommend improvements, and lead or assist with business process improvement or re-engineering initiatives.  This methodology is not based on textbooks or certification bootcamps, but real life experience.

Technology M&A

Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions require a monumental amount of information gathering, documentation, and analysis.  Acquiring the wrong organization or going into an acquisition without "eyes wide open" can be disastrous with negative financial implications and loss of corporate focus and energy.  The right questions need to be asked, and all aspects of the business need to be analyzed from top to bottom before making a final decision.  We provide M&A due diligence services in technology areas including IT, telecommunications, and wireless.

Acquisition Integration

"Acquisition integration is complicated" is an understatement.  There are often unknown issues, personnel at odds with integration efforts, communication and trust challenges, limited resources to oversee progress and complete critical tasks, and a finite time period to complete integration to allow the combined organization to move ahead and focus on other important initiatives.  We can assist or lead in technology acquisition integration, including pre-integration planning, integration launch, communication enablement, on site "boots on the ground", task tracking, synergy tracking and realization, and integration project closure.